Kam Franklin's mom is every Rockets fan during Game 4


HOUSTON – We know the lead singer of The Suffers is a devoted Houston sports fan.

She’s been spotted at many games and pregame events and she has even performed at some of those events. And she started this producer’s obsession with the now-popular Astros throwback sweater (also worn by Kate Upton)!

But Kam Franklin’s mother is also a big supporter. And her fandom is quite entertaining.

Franklin posted videos of her mother on Instagram showing her excitement after the Rockets beat the Warriors in Game 4 of the Western Conference finals on Tuesday.

Franklin posted four video clips with this caption: "When people ask me why I’m so basketball obsessed, I tell them about my mother, Diana. In this house, ball is life. #rednation #runasone."

One video shows Diana talking about her lucky shirt; another shows her doing a victory dance; and there is even a video of her pretending to interview (and kiss!) Chris Paul.

We see you, Diana. Keep up the enthusiasm (and keep wearing that lucky shirt!)