Thief caught on camera stealing from tip jar at downtown restaurant

HOUSTON – A thief probably thought he'd fly under the radar at an underground food hall in downtown Houston, but his act was captured on video.

WATCH: Tip jar theft from Moku Bar at downtown Houston conservatory

Footage shows him stealing money from a tip jar in the downtown conservatory.

Since the theft was caught on camera, employees want the man caught and brought to justice.

At Moku Bar on Saturday night, a thief went fishing and he wasn't looking for seafood.

He was pretending to order and when he turned around, he had an opportunity to stick his hand in the tip jar.

Surveillance video showed the man wait for the worker to leave before sticking his sticky fingers into the tip jar -- not once, not twice, but five times. The man did it even with customers nearby.

"My brother texted me saying someone just stole our tips, so I went back on the cameras and I was like, wow, this dude literally had the audacity to stick his hands in there five times without nobody seeing," manager Anthony Tran said. "There was a customer next to him and my brother was right next to him, too. I was, like, that guy's pretty slick to be doing this kind of thing."

The man was seen helping himself over and over again to money he didn't earn.

"They work pretty hard for their tips, so it kinda sucks the tips got stolen," Tran said.

Tran said management is now considering switching out the jar for something more secure.

"Maybe a drop box with a little hole instead of a big open space," he said.

He also said he's hoping the thief gets caught.

"I hope somebody busts him," Tran said.