Robbery suspect arrested in Irving after targeting bank customer, police say


HOUSTON – A man who was on bond for aggravated robbery was arrested in Irving after authorities said he and another man were targeting bank customers last week.

Anthony Jones and another man followed a woman from a bank to another location before attempting to take her purse, police said. Police said Jones was the lookout and the other man tried to take the purse, but the woman was able to keep hold of it, according to police.

The man ran back to the vehicle, where Jones was waiting, police said.

Police said they were able to track the vehicle down and attempted to pull it over, but Jones was able to get away and the other man had already gotten away as well.

He was found a short time later and was arrested on charges of evading arrest in a motor vehicle and theft from a person.

Jones had been out on bond for an aggravated robbery that took place in March, according to police. During that crime, police said, Jones and three other men robbed a mechanic shop.

Jones is believed to have been involved in numerous crimes in the state. Anyone with information about him is asked to contact the Houston Police Department at 832-395-1500.