What happened this weekend with HFD equipment?

HOUSTON – A Houston Fire Department fire engine was hit by a suspected drunk driver at 3:30 Monday morning near U.S. 59 and Fountain View Drive, sending two firefighters to the hospital.

Four hours later, an HFD ambulance was hit by a car near TC Jester Boulevard and Pinemont Drive, sending two paramedics to the hospital.

Are they OK?

They should be. All four have now been released from the hospital.

The ambulance was transporting a patient at the time.

The fate of the patient is unclear, but initially the person did not appear to be further injured by the accident.

How does this impact HFD’s emergency equipment problem?

Adversely. As Channel 2 Investigates has reported, HFD’s aging and thinning fleet has little room to accommodate vehicles in accidents. Monday morning, for at least two hours, HFD Station 51 was without a functioning fire truck of any sort. (The ladder truck was in the shop for brake repairs.) Instead, two old SUVs, transport units, were used to shuttle firefighters to emergency scenes.

Do things look better on the horizon?

The HFD chief is optimistic and last week provided the following, regarding what he has asked for in terms of new emergency equipment for the Houston Fire Department:

Fiscal Year 2019 projections $10.8 million (double from last year)

Fire trucks - 10
Ladder trucks - 3
Ambulances - 8