Santa Fe HS freshman recalls moments when gunfire erupted


SANTA FE, Texas – A freshman at Santa Fe High School said her substitute teacher had just taken attendance in gym class when the fire alarm went off.

Jordan Boutwell recalled hearing four loud bangs as she made her way past the art hallway and out the door.

“I didn’t know what was going on until my coach told me to run and I saw the fear in her eyes and I ran as fast as I could," Jordan said.

Jordan said that she took cover inside the field house and waited for the gunfire to stop.

“There was people under cars and people praying and calling their moms and dad," Jordan said. "That is something no one should ever have to do."

In the aftermath, Jordan learned that her substitute teacher, Glenda Perkins, was one of the 10 who were killed in the gunfire. She also lost a close friend, Kyle McLeod.

“Just thinking that that desk will be empty, that desk will never be filled by someone who had so much joy and so much love as Kyle, I cant describe how much I miss him and how much this school will change," she said.

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