Trying out famous grilled cheese sandwiches in London

LONDON – We hit up the big city of London on Wednesday and we asked you where to go.

One of the most interesting responses we got was from KPRC General Manager Jerry Martin -- who suggested grilled cheese sandwiches at the world-renowned Kappacasein Dairy.

Just off Stoney Street in the bankside area of London is the Borough Market.

There, you can find fresh vegetables and fruits grown at local farms.

There are also other shops and restaurants.

At No. 1 Stoney Street is the Kappacasein Dairy.

It only has two things on the menu.

"That tells you it must be good," said Jordan Lewis, from South Carolina.

The two items have one thing in common: Cheese!

To be specific, it's ooey-gooey cheese melted to perfection.

People from all over the world come to try it.

"We were not hungry but we smelled the cheese and said we must taste it," said Yifat and Smulik Tomel, from Israel.

The grilled cheese sandwiches are stuffed with a blend of three different cheeses on sourdough bread and grilled perfectly.

The raclette is a block of melted cheese scraped over baby potatoes.

"It's locally produced, it's wonderful cheese made with local milk, made locally, it's fresh, it's different," said Tom Cox, from Kappacasein.

"I've always heard of the raclette cheese, it looks so good," Lewis said.

It's a lot of cheese and one sandwich is big enough to feed two people.

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