Rockets fans keep faith despite Game 1 loss

HOUSTON – With Rockets fans pumped up for a pivotal Game 2, many packed the Toyota Center hoping for a big win.

"Game 1, we were there. But we gotta do better so we're going to bounce back for Game 2 and take it," Alvin McCline said.

For the McClines, that meant disagreeing with a significant other.

"I've been a Rockets fans since I moved here three years ago," McCline said.

"I'm on a winning team, but somebody has to go home sad tonight, and I'm hoping it won't be me," his wife, Rose, a Warriors fan, said.

Meanwhile, there was no doubt who Two-Tone Tommie was rooting for.

"It's like artwork. It took me three weeks to make this. I wanted to come out and support Houston and tell 'em Houston is strong right here," Tommie said.

While the Rockets may have dropped Game 1, fans are pretty optimistic the team will make a quick rebound.

But they don't doubt the series could go the distance and will prove a good one.

"We're going to have to bring it on. We're going to have to play hard every day," Tommie said.

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