Sales tax holiday announced for water-efficient, Energy Star products

Set for May 26-28 in Texas


HOUSTON – If you're thinking about buying a new appliance, next week is your chance to save some money.

The state of Texas will hold sales tax holidays on water-efficient and Energy Star products on May 26-28.

Products displaying a WaterSense label or logo can be purchased tax-free for personal or business use. They include shower heads, bathroom sink faucets, and landscape irrigation controls. Also during the sales tax holiday, certain energy-efficient products displaying the Energy Star logo can be purchased tax-free. They include air conditioners priced at $6,000 or less, refrigerators priced at $2,000 or less, and washing machines.

The Texas Comptroller's Office estimates that shoppers will save about $10.7 million in state and local sales tax during the sales tax holidays.

For more information on which products qualify, click here


You can buy items tax free during the holiday that are used or planted for conserving or retaining groundwater; recharging water tables; or decreasing ambient air temperature, and so limiting water evaporation.

Examples of items that qualify for the exemption include:

  • a soaker or drip-irrigation hose
  • a moisture control for a sprinkler or irrigation system
  • mulch
  • a rain barrel or an alternative rain and moisture collection system
  • a permeable ground cover surface that allows water to reach underground basins, aquifers or water collection points
  • plants, trees and grasses
  • water-saving surfactants
  • soil and compost

Examples of items that do not qualify for the exemption include:

  • construction/building materials
  • awnings and other items used to create shade
  • air conditioners*
  • ceiling fans*
  • sprinklers