Video: Thief caught on camera stealing huge BBQ pit in north Houston

HOUSTON – Police hope that released surveillance video help them catch a thief who stole a huge barbecue pit early Tuesday morning in north Houston.

The theft happened just after 1 a.m. on Fulton Street.

In the video, the man cuts the chain and break the lock off the pit. Police said a Suburban can be seen pulling around beside the building; the driver backs the vehicle to the BBQ pit and hooks it on before taking off.

The owner of the BBQ pit, Adam Miranda, said he wants it back.

"I do it for my little league, birthdays. I got it for my family. We were tired of having people cater our BBQ. So I just got it when I had the money. Now, I'm back to a little pit, I guess," Miranda said.

He said this is not the first time this man was caught on camera at his shop. Miranda said the same guy wearing the same shoes and driving a late 90's model suburban stopped by on Sunday to take pictures of the soon-to-be-stolen pit.

"We work hard for what we got. You're lucky I wasn't here and man, this is Texas. It's going to catch up to you. Somebody's going to shoot you down, bro. Hope you find help soon," he said.