Stroller-pushing Alamo streaker taken down by ranger in front of tourists


SAN ANTONIO – Security cameras at the Alamo captured the moment a streaker was tackled by an Alamo Ranger, as reported by KSAT .

The man, identified by San Antonio Police as Hector Melero, is seen in security footage pushing a stroller toward the epitaph before sitting down and removing his clothes. Melero is then seen streaking through Alamo Plaza while pushing a stroller.

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An Alamo Ranger quickly tackled Melero in front of onlookers and tourists assisted the ranger in detaining the man.

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Bryan Preston, Director of Communications at the Texas General Land Office, said while he hasn't seen similar incidents lately, he has seen a variety of disrespectful episodes at the Alamo.

"Unfortunately we have all kinds of disrespectful incidents and things that occur there," Preston said, pointing out a graphic protest against circumcision that occurred last week and other unsanctioned protests.

"We need to think about this as a sacred site," Preston said. "This is a sacred site and we need to treat it with the respect and reverence that it's due."

He said the state is working with the city to restore a sense of pride to the Alamo, which sees approximately 1.5 million visitors a year.

"People go there to remember the Alamo," Preston said. "Now, what they may remember is a guy who took his clothes off and ran around. That's not what San Antonio wants from their Alamo experiences, I'm sure."

The man told police he ran through Alamo Plaza naked because "a black unknown male stole his wallet and tablet."

Melero was charged with disorderly conduct - exposure, according to police.