VIDEO: Katy ISD bus runs red light while carrying children

HOUSTON – A Katy Independent School District bus driver is now on probationary status after being caught on camera blowing through a red light at a busy intersection.

Another driver captured the scene on his personal dashcam Monday at 6:45 a.m. at Kingsland Boulevard and Pin Oak Drive near Katy Mills Mall. 

"I see people run lights all the time and don't like it at all, but to see a bus with children do it was really quite serious. When I noticed children on the bus through the windows I was mad ... thinking that could be my child at risk," said the driver who recorded the traffic violation.

The driver said he turned the video over to Katy ISD police so they could investigate. 

People we showed the video to said they too were stunned. 

"It's kind of scary to think that your kid is in a bus and a driver isn't taking the precaution to drive safely, so it's kind of really concerning," Fabiana Cuggioni said.

Katy ISD officials released this statement to Channel 2 News after we shared the video with them:

"Katy ISD was made aware of a red-light traffic violation committed by one of our bus drivers this morning. The bus driver was traveling to one of our campuses and had several students on board when the incident took place.

"Katy ISD takes these reports very seriously and after confirming the authenticity of the video, the complaint was immediately addressed. The bus driver was placed on probation and will be retrained in order to make sure this incident does not occur again. The driver has been employed with the district since 2010."

A spokesperson said the bus driver's probation will last for one year. 

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