Countdown to Royal Wedding: All about fascinators

HOUSTON – If you are watching the royal wedding from home and you are having a huge party, you might want to go all out, including fascinators.

KPRC2 reporter Sofia Ojeda spoke with a Houston-area designer who's been getting a lot of requests for certain designs. Suzanne Najem, of Pipa and Pearl, has been making fascinators for five years, and she's getting some ready for the royal wedding.

"We have some that have bird cage veils. If you do a bird cage veil, it's usually a more formal event," Najem said.

There are a lot of rules and fashion dos and don'ts when it comes to the royal wedding.

Najem said there is a dress code that is sent to all of the royal guests.

"No sleeveless, no open-toe shoes, so they definitely have a pretty strict dress code," she said.

As far as fascinators are concerned, this season calls for some unique and fun designs, but Najem said nothing too big. Especially if you're going to be sitting inside St. George's Chapel.

She said bright colors are a no-no because you don't want to be obnoxious.

"My advice would be to play it safe. The rules that pretty much apply to our weddings is pretty much the same. You wouldn't wear white to someone's wedding here," Najem said.

Fascinators date back all the way to the 1600s.

The word fascinator is said to come from the Latin word fascinatus, which means to bewitch or cast a spell on.

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