Want a subscription to Lyft? Join waiting list for your chance

Company to test new subscription model in several markets, including Houston

Photo provided by Lyft
Photo provided by Lyft

HOUSTON – Attention, Houston Lyft riders: you can now get on the list to receive an All-Access pass, which is the company’s newest subscription model.

Here’s how it works: If you receive an email invite, you can request a spot for a pass that lets you lock in $15 off 30 rides for $200 up front. Once you get on the waitlist, Lyft will let you know if a pass becomes available for purchase.

You won’t be charged for requesting a spot in line.

When you buy the pass, you lock in consistent pricing on shared rides for a month, Lyft said.

Houston is one of several select markets that will be testing the model.

“Testing our newest subscription model in Houston is the next step in moving rideshare from one based on ownership, to one based on subscription,” said Kaleb Miller, the general manager of Lyft Gulf Coast. “We’re excited to roll this out to more passengers in the coming weeks and continue offering Lyft’s affordable, convenient and reliable rides.”

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