'Shaking and terrified': Woman recalls moment man threw cone through her windshield


CINCINNATI – A woman got quite a scare when she was driving on the interstate in Ohio when she says a man suddenly threw a construction cone at her car and it shattered her windshield.

Chelsea Doney was driving home from work when she noticed a piece of rubber from one of the construction cones in the roadway.

"I was swerving around it and I saw the guy standing there," Doney told WKRC. "I was like, why is there a person on the interstate?" 

Doney had no idea there had been several 911 calls about a man in the median of I-75.

"He picked up the other cone, and before I even had time to realize what he was doing, it was in my windshield," Doney said. "I was just shaking and terrified. I wasn't really processing what happened." 

Doney had several cuts on her face and was taken to the hospital. 

She told WKRC she doesn't like looking at pictures of her damaged car.

"It still scares me,” Doney said. “I don't want to think about if my windshield and the hump on my dashboard didn't stop (the cone). I don't like where it could've stopped.”

Enrique Fuentes was eventually arrested. Police say Fuentes threw rocks at them and hit one officer in the shoulder and punched another in the face. Officers used a Taser and baton on Fuentes to get him into custody.

Fuentes is charged with aggravated assault, resisting arrest and criminal damaging.