Cypress woman describes moment she found out her horses were stolen

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HOUSTON – Would-be rustlers tried to make off with a Cypress woman's three horses, but failed and they came running back when she called for them.

Heather Kutyba woke up Sunday morning to find her Colt, Gelding and Paint Mare missing from their stalls, in a barn about 100 feet from her West Shadowlake home.

Kutyba said she began doing a head count on her property when she noticed the back fence was left wide open.

“I started calling them and they came running and that’s where I found they had, someone had haltered them and they had lead ropes dragging from them,” she said.

The horses were found with nicks and bruises on their legs and faces. Kutyba said it appears the thieves couldn’t get far. She thinks they might have had an issue getting past the easement adjacent to her property or because none of her horses were in a position to be ridden.

“He’s clearly a baby and anybody, somebody with even just the smallest amount of knowledge is gonna be able to recognize that,” said Kutyba about her yearling.

Two are too young and the third is injured and pregnant.

The theft took place less than a mile away from Isabella Farms, which was hit by thieves Wednesday night. Surveillance video captured thieves riding off with two of the farm’s horses. Those horses were recovered, too.

Kutyba is thankful she found her horses safely behind her property. She feared she’d never see them again or what would happen if they got loose on the road.

“I think I’m just really fortunate that no matter what happened between here and where they thought they were going with them, that these horse came home,” she said.

Kutyba also lost some saddles and other equipment that were taken along with her animals.

She added bigger chains and locks to fences along her property. She also installed surveillance cameras to replace the ones destroyed during Hurricane Harvey.

Law enforcement officials have not yet determined whether the two horse thefts are linked.