Mailman maces dog for barking, owner says

BAYTOWN, Texas – A Baytown dog owner is furious after she says her home surveillance video caught a mailman assaulting her dog with pepper spray.

WATCH: Dog maced by mailman homeowner video

The video from today clearly shows the 20-pound miniature beagle on his side of the fence at his home barking at the mailman.

In the video you see the mailman delivers and starts to walk away -- and as he's about to move to the next house the owner says that's when you see him assault her dog with dog spray.

The alleged victim was a 5-year-old pooch named Oscar. His owner, Michelle Perez, is angry.

"My dog is no harm. He's just barking," Perez said. "That's it. I mean I don't think a dog should get sprayed for barking."

In other surveillance video you see Oscar furiously rubbing himself in the grass, shaking, and doing all he can to relieve himself of apparent pain. Perez said she went down the street and confronted the mailman who -- she claims -- admitted he sprayed Oscar.

Oscar has recovered and is doing fine.

Perez said she has filed a complaint with the post office and wants action taken against the mailman.

"I just don't want this to happen again, or to another dog," she said. "There's no telling how many times he's done this."

Perez said she called Baytown police to file a complaint but she was given a number to call animal abuse hotline.

She said she was told by the hotline that they were unable to do anything about the alleged incident.

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