How to apply for railway work with up to $25K in sign-on bonuses


HOUSTON – Big bonuses of up to $25,000 are being offered to railway workers who sign on for the long haul.

The Wall Street Journal reported BNSF and Union Pacific Corp. are offering the incentives to meet the demand of hauling more products across the Western U.S. and to ease congestion in areas with high demand. 

Union Pacific is offering $10,000 to $20,000 in “hiring incentives” to train crews in cities like Denver, Kansas City, Missouri, and North Platte, Nebraska, where its largest rail yard is located, the Wall Street Journal reported. Starting pay for those train crew positions is $40,000 over the first year and $60,000 the next, the Wall Street Journal reported, citing job listings.

Additionally, electrician work is being offered with $25,000 in signing bonuses to some Union Pacific locations.

BNSF has hiring incentives starting at $15,000 for some new hires, according to a document reviewed by the Wall Street Journal.

Irregular work schedules, long hours and nights away from home are typical with railroad work, but the pay is good for those willing to endure such conditions. 

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