Owner reunited with ring after KPRC story

SPRING, Texas – The ring mystery that first aired on Channel 2 has a happy ending.

It all began with a woman’s request for KPRC to help her return what appeared to be a wedding band that she found in her Spring subdivision.

The owner of the ring, Michael Little, saw the story and called us.

The engraving inside the ring, which read "Michael Kisha 4/4/2014," made Little sure it was the ring he had lost.

“When I saw it said Kisha and Michael, I knew it immediately,” Little said.

That's when he told Kisha he had a surprise.

“He was, like, 'Sit down. Sit and I've got something to show you,'” said Kisha Castro, Michael’s girlfriend.

He showed her Channel 2’s story about Lisa Stout, of Spring. Stout found what looked like a wedding ring while walking her dog. Her mother's lost wedding ring had once been returned to her family so she hoped our story would help her pay it forward.

With only the inscription, KPRC at first came up empty-handed.

Then, we realized Michael Kisha was not a full name but the couple’s first names.

A check of wedding records did not work because the couple is not married.

April 4, 2014, is the day they met.

But Michael called us and said he had a receipt that included a description of the ring. When we searched the internet under the company name and ring description on the receipt, a ring popped up that looked exactly like the one Stout had found. We had a match.

"It's so quick, and I'm very happy you're going to get your ring back,” Stout said to Little.

So, how did it the northwest Houston couple's ring wind up in Spring?

“I am an exterminator,” Little said. “So I was doing a bee job (in Spring). I took my ring off to put my bee suit on. When I got home, I started doing yardwork and I noticed that it was off and I lost it.”

“And I'm very grateful she found it because I was going to beat him up if he didn't find it pretty soon,” said Castro with a laugh.

So, now, what was lost is found.

“Won’t take it off again!” Little said.

And Little and Castro found something else -- a new friend.

Little left Stout with a big thank-you, a reward and a promise that, if she ever needs pest control, she can give him a call and he will be there.