Man regrets interfering with Astros home run ball in Sunday's game

HOUSTON – A man from Humble said he regrets interfering with a play that took away a home run for the Astros in their game against the Oakland A's on Sunday.

The play was not a factor in the outcome of the game, as the Astros won easily, 8-4, but because it halted the game for several minutes, it has thrust the man into an uncomfortable spotlight.

The fan who made the catch is Joe Foster. Since Foster doesn't actually play for the Astros the umpires ruled he interfered with the play and the home run was taken away. 

Channel 2 caught up with Foster before Astros' game on Monday.

"The first instinct I had was looking around, seeing who saw it," Foster said.  "I realized where I was and that there was no doubt I didn't get seen."

His catch also was seen by officials at Major League Baseball headquarters in New York -- and once the ruling was made, Foster was escorted from the game.

But Foster said that, right before he made it to his truck in the parking lot, someone who works for the Astros told him the MLB was allowing him to return. So he went back to his seat.

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"One section at a time, the entire stadium just started going nuts. And again, I find myself on the Jumbotron, and Springer pointed at me and pumped his fist," Foster said.  It was an unbelievable experience."

The longtime Astros fan actually has caught two other balls at previous games but those incidents involved less drama. Foster said he loves the Astros but never intended to take the spotlight at any of their games.

"Just felt terrible you know, and didn't know how it was gonna end up," Foster said. "I had no intentions of becoming part of the ballgame whatsoever."

Foster actually had tickets to the game on Monday night against the Yankees but decided not to go because of what he called threatening responses on social media about the play.

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