Houston-area teen shares spray tan crying disaster in now-viral tweet

((Twitter/Alex Vinklarek))

HOUSTON – Don’t like the way your spray tan turned out? Don’t cry about it. Seriously.

Crying after getting a spray tan can severely alter the results on your face, as one Houston-area teen recently discovered.

Twitter user Alex Vinklarek, from The Woodlands, got emotional last week reportedly after watching a heartwarming video about a dog-owner reunion.

"I didn't cry much, but two drops rolled down each side of my face, so I immediately realized and opened my camera to look at it,” Vinklarek told The Insider. "I saw that I had two streaks, and I started bawling my eyes out. So that's when it got really bad. I also kept trying to stop crying, but every time I looked at myself, I cried more because it looked so awful."

Vinklarek is a cheerleader who was preparing for a championship performance.

After sharing her oh-so-relatable selfies, Vinklarek washed her face and tried another spray tan the next day.

Insider reported that solved the issue of streaking, and this time, she apparently didn’t watch any tearjerker dog videos on Twitter afterward.

Since Vinklarek’s photos were published on Twitter, others shared images of themselves in the same spray tan predicament.

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