Crazy video: Road rage incident in northwest Houston caught on camera

HOUSTON – An apparent road rage incident in northwest Houston was caught on camera. 

The 40-second video appears to show a red SUV and a white pickup truck being driven erratically. The man who took the video said the incident happened Saturday night.

Brian Tran said he was driving home from work around 6:15 p.m. when he saw the red SUV cut off the truck while leaving a nearby store parking lot on West Road.

"The red SUV swerved around it, and crossed over, like, two to three lanes, crossing onto West Road. So, initially, I thought the car was just being impatient," Tran said. "And then, not even one minute later, the white truck speeds up, and that's when I started recording the video."

The video shows what Tran said happened on West Road just before Ella Boulevard. The SUV and truck appear to have swerved in between lanes, with both drivers. Both pressing the brake pedal multiple times.

"They were just trying to hit each other, basically," Tran said. "It was crazy. They obviously were trying to brake check each other, and at one point, when they go to face off, somebody tried to get out of the back of the red car."

No one got out, but the video shows the red SUV continue to follow closely behind and eventually makes a U-turn. Tran said it happened right in front of Thomas E. Gray Elementary School.

"Everybody's just trying to own the road themselves, basically," Tran said. "I thought that red car was going to flip over or something."

Cynthia Cisneros is the parent of an 8-year-old girl who goes to the elementary school.

"Even on Saturdays, they have math school here, so it's, like, 'Why are you in a rush? Is that really important to be swerving around or hit another car and risk your life and somebody else's life?'" Cisneros said.

"Hopefully, they didn't fight and realized they were doing something stupid and headed home because at the end of the day, you're probably never going to see that person ever again," Tran said.

The Harris County Sheriff's Office has been notified about the video and is looking into exactly what happened.