Video: Drivers box in suspected drunken driver on Alaska highway

(KTUU/Kunayaq Hank)

PALMER, Alaska – A group of drivers on an Alaska highway last Wednesday took matters into their own hands when they saw a car swerving from side to side.

The driver of that car, Laura Phillips, 49, was arrested after the incident.

KTUU reported that drivers called authorities around 6:30 p.m. after Phillips was spotted driving erratically on a highway near Wasilla.

Video captured by people in another vehicle showed the car swerving on the road, narrowly missing several other cars.

Eventually, other drivers boxed in Phillips’ vehicle, stopping her. The other drivers approached her vehicle and got her to put the car in park.

Eventually, troopers arrived and arrested Phillips on suspicion of driving under the influence, as well as reckless driving.

Video of the incident was shared nearly 2,000 times and viewed more than 70,000 times before it was removed, KTUU reported.

Phillips reportedly made bail.

Phillips previously pleaded guilty to a DUI back in 2007, KTUU reported.

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