Sticky-fingered bar patron caught on camera stealing whiskey behind bartender's back

(Live Sports Bar & Grill/Facebook)

HOUSTON – A downtown Houston bar is searching for a sticky-fingered patron who was caught on camera stealing a bottle of liquor behind a bartender’s back.

“This individual and her partner think that it's okay to steal from our establishment,” bar employees wrote on Facebook. “Theft at Live Sports Bar & Grill will not be tolerated. We will be pursuing criminal charges unless amends are made and the bottle of Buchanan's is paid in full.”

The bar says the bottle of alcohol is valued at $250. 

Live Sports Bar & Grill general manager Rena Bruman told KPRC the bar released the video to raise awareness at other bars in the area. Besides posting on Facebook, the bar said it has filed a police report.

“It’s unbelievable,” Bruman said. 

Houston police say officers would like to speak to the man and woman. 

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