Dozens of feral hogs spotted in Spring neighborhood

SPRING, Texas – When Michelle Merrill jumped in her car on Friday morning to take her son to school, she had a rare sighting in her Spring Trails neighborhood.

VIDEO: Hogs running through Spring Trails

“They just kept coming out of the bushes, a whole bunch of them,” said Merrill.

It was a pack of feral hogs running "hog wild" through their neighborhood. She estimates she saw 15 to 20 of them.

“So I turned and I grabbed my phone and I started video videoing the hogs coming down,” said Merrill. “I couldn't believe they just kept coming and the little ones, he (her son) was like, ‘Mommy look at the big ones!’”

Merrill’s first impression was how cute they appeared.

“They were just running beside us and I just can't believe it,” Merrill exclaimed. “They were super cute.”

While the hogs were cute, she also knew how troublesome they can be. They multiply fast, and no one wants to get in the way of their sharp tusks.

"I know that they are aggressive,” Merrill said.

Neighbor Mary Anne Simpson shared the concern.

"I haven't seen them in person yet," Simpson said.

The elusive hogs are mainly active at night, yet they left left their calling card everywhere, including Simpson's yard.

“The bulbs are all torn up, the bushes, the flowers, just everything,” Simpson said. “I do a lot of walking around the subdivision. They definitely do a lot of damage.”

Montgomery County Animal Control said they don't handle feral hogs. The Spring Trails Home Owners Association told KPRC they are working to remove the hogs in a humane way.

As for Merrill, she’s still surprised by the sheer number of wild hogs she saw.

“I have never seen that many,” Merrill said. “I don’t think anyone has.”

For more information about wild hogs, check out the Texas Parks and Wildlife website.