2 men accused of targeting, stealing from bank customer

Jimmie Jones (L) and Melvin Stewart (R)
Jimmie Jones (L) and Melvin Stewart (R)

HOUSTON – Two suspects didn't want to talk to a Channel 2 camera but Houston police say they caused quite the commotion Monday afternoon when they stole money from a bank customer's car and led officers on a short, high-speed chase in the Heights.

They targeted a woman who had deposited money at a Wells Fargo at Yale Street and 20th Street in a crime police refer to as jugging. They waited to attack until she went inside a store next door.

"A short time later the suspects got into the vehicle, left the location," says an officer who only wanted to use his first name, Robert. "Came back, and broke into her vehicle."

Officers who happened to be nearby spotted the car burglary in progress and tried to stop the suspects -- who drove away fast -- and in style -- in a stolen Jaguar.

Police say the suspects were able to get about 2 miles away until officers rammed their getaway car near 610 Loop and Airline Drive in a move called a pit maneuver and were able to get the suspects in handcuffs.

The suspects didn't want to show their faces at the crime scene -- but they were recognized in their mug shots here after they were arrested and booked on felony charges. Police say Melvin Stewart and Jimmie Jones are documented gang members and the two are no strangers to the law.

"Both suspects were wanted for, they had previous warrants," Robert said. "Felony warrants out for their arrest and I believe one was on parole."

Stewart and Jones now face felony charges of organized crime, burglary of a motor vehicle and evading arrest.

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