Residents in SW Houston neighborhood want city to take action on illegal dumping


HOUSTON – The people who live in the Southwood Place neighborhood in southwest Houston are tired of getting dumped on.

For nearly four months, they've had to wake up to piles of tree limbs, discarded furniture and trash dropped on the sidewalk on Dellfern Drive near Bellfort and Fondren.

"People having like a target right here for dumping trash and they don't even care how it looks," says homeowner Juan Contreras. "They just dropping, and dropping, and dropping, and they don't even care."

Contreras and other homeowners say the debris and trash are being dumped by people who don't live in the neighborhood and he has the video to prove it. Surveillance cameras have caught people dumping yard debris, mattresses and even trash bags -- treating the neighborhood like a landfill.

"It's embarrassing even when the friends or family members come and visit us," Contreras says. "They don't even have any place to park in here because all the trash is around. It's everywhere."

The people who live there are proud of their neighborhood and they want the dumping to stop.

They're asking for help from the city.

"I would like to see if we in the future, if we could get a sign specifically on that corner so they could stop dumping trash," Contreras says. "I would like to see if (there's) any chance the city can do something for us."

Channel 2 reached out to the city after normal business hours about this story. We will be following up with the Solid Waste Services Department on Thursday.

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