Cleveland ISD police showcase device aimed at securing doors during shooting

CLEVELAND, Texas – Doors to classrooms at Cleveland Independent School District schools will soon have devices installed that help to keep them secure during a shooting.

Police showcased the device called a barricade, which weighs less than two pounds, slides under a door and is then locked with a pin.

“What is nice for law enforcement is the device has this reflective panel so that in the hallways, when law enforcement officers are clearing that school building, with a quick glance down the hall, we’re able to know which doors have been secured and which doors have not,” said Montgomery County Sheriff’s Deputy Steven Squier, as he pointed to a red-and-white striped panel on the device.

The barricades cannot be shot or forced open, and law enforcement has a key to open them or a tool to cut through them.

The devices cost about $65 each and are being paid for through a Crime Stoppers donation.
Officials will begin installing the devices this summer.

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