Houston man releases (catchy) new Astros song

Song inspired by World Series win

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HOUSTON – A Houston singer-songwriter wants to help the Astros start the new season off on a high note. 

Click here to listen to the song.

Mack Hayes, whose song "Go, Go Astros" was played at the Astrodome during games in the 1980s, has written a new song inspired by the World Series win. He released it this week, just in time to get fans pumped up for the start of the team's #NeverSettle 2018 season.

Hayes is hoping the Astros will add "World Series Astros - World Champion 'Stros" to the rotation of songs played at Minute Maid Park this season.

WATCH: Houston Astros celebrated with song

As for the song itself, get ready to have it stuck in your head for a day or two. It's catchy. 

And it's sure to get Astros fans excited about their team. I mean, with lyrics like "The Astros are breathing orange fire," how could it not?

Hayes has posted the song on his website. Hayes also plans to offer a ringtone version soon.