4 seized poodles show signs of long-term neglect, Humane Society says

HOUSTON – On Tuesday, the Houston Humane Society and deputies from Harris County Constable Precinct 5 seized four dogs from a property in the 10000 block of Radford Lane.

The location was investigated after a tip concerning the well-being of the dogs, which are considered to be poodle mixes.

"They were left in a backyard. When we arrived on scene, I saw no food or water," Monica Schmidt, with the Humane Society, said. "The animals, all of them were in deplorable condition."

The dogs displayed severe signs of long-tern neglect, according to officials.

The dogs' hair was matted, dirty and covered in fleas. They were taken to a wellness clinic where they received medical attention.

Due to the condition of the dogs, each was sheared to the skin. Each dog was sedated while the shaving and cleaning was done.

"We were able to sedate them a little bit to shave them down," says Humane Society medical director Dr. Tony Malone. "The matte on their coat was completely stuck to the body."

The dogs have been vaccinated and given full examinations. The goal now is to get them adopted in the very near future.

"Probably, I would say within a couple of weeks, with some TLC, these guys will start to adjust and do great in a home," Malone said.

A hearing is scheduled for March 27 to determine the custody of the animals, but they'll have to adjust to life at the Humane Society medical center for now.

"We're gonna have staff that are working with them daily, get them socialized, get them used to human interaction," Schmidt said. "Get them used to knowing what it's like to be loved by someone."

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