Witnesses report METRO bus driver stabbed in neck, police say

HOUSTON – A METRO bus driver was rushed to Ben Taub hospital Wednesday afternoon after a rider stabbed him in the neck several times, according to a witness.

The attack caused the driver to nearly run the bus into a house.

WATCH: Sky2 over scene of METRO bus driver stabbed in neck

It happened at the intersection of Martin Luther King Boulevard and South Acres Drive.

A witness named CC described the incident.

"Me and another dude were getting on the bus and he handed the bus driver a knife. The bus driver ... he couldn't close the knife, and the bus driver asked him did he want the knife back. He told him no. When he told him no, the bus driver set it on the side of the window and then that's when the dude just started stabbing him," CC said.

CC said the doors shut and the bus then rolled across South Acres Drive.

"The door flew open. Him and the bus driver staggered. He had enough strength to run over this way, and the dude just started walking down the sidewalk with the knife in his hand. HPD caught him right there at the light," CC said.

The bus stopped short of crashing into Barbara Dick's house. She was inside at the time but had no idea what was going on.

"I think it's awful, but I give the glory to God because I didn't hear anything," she said.

METRO police said they don't yet know a motive and plan to interview the suspect and review video from the bus surveillance cameras.

The driver is expected to survive his injuries.

METRO said the driver has been on the job for 15 years.

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