FedEx provides 'extensive evidence' to law enforcement officials on packages

HOUSTON – On Tuesday, FedEx said that it has provided law enforcement officials with "extensive evidence" related to two packages, one of which exploded at a FedEx facility outside San Antonio.

"There is probably going to be video of this individual somewhere, at some point," law enforcement veteran Mark Stephens said.

Stephens, who now runs his own private security firm, did not discount the possibility that more than person could be involved in the three explosions in Austin and one in Schertz, Texas.

"There is also the possibility of a copycat," Stephens said.

There are a dozen FedEx distribution facilities in the Houston area, including a recently completed 800,000-square-foot structure in Cypress that is now operating.

On Tuesday, a FedEx representative would not comment about specific additional security precautions now in place, but Stephens said, short of a fleet of bomb-sniffing dogs, "they have to rely on technology."

A police source at George Bush Intercontinental/Houston Airport, where tens of thousands of packages filter through every day, said that there was heightened vigilance but that sophisticated package-scanning technology continued to do most of the work.

FedEx's full statement:

“FedEx has confirmed that a package detonated at a San Antonio FedEx Ground facility early this morning. We have also confirmed that the individual responsible also shipped a second package that has now been secured and turned over to law enforcement. We are thankful that there were no serious injuries from this criminal activity. We have provided law enforcement responsible for this investigation extensive evidence related to these packages and the individual that shipped them collected from our advanced technology security systems. The safety and security measures in place across the FedEx networks are designed to protect the safety of our people, customers and communities, and to assist law enforcement as appropriate."