Woman claims men attempted to take her daughter from her vehicle in SE Houston

HOUSTON – A southeast Houston mother said she wants to warn other parents after she said two men tried to open her car door at a stoplight.

“They were bold enough to try and snatch my daughter out of my car in broad daylight and if they do it there, they can do it anywhere,” explained "Maria," a mother of three who asked KPRC not to use her real name.

Maria said she and her 9-year-old daughter had just left the drive-thru of a fast-food restaurant Tuesday afternoon and were heading home.

She said they came to a halt at a stoplight at the intersection of Park Place and I-45 when a black Nissan Pathfinder cut across traffic, and pulled in front of her car.

”Two men that were in the car in front of us jumped out. One of them particularly ran past my door to the driver side where he was pulling at the rear door and in Spanish was yelling to open it for the girl,” explained Maria.

She said after the man pulled the handle a few more times, he yelled that he couldn’t open it for the girl.

“I do not know how they even knew I had anybody in the back seat because I have very, very dark tint, so they must have followed and been watching,” said Maria.

She said she’s not sure what they were trying to do, but assumed the men were trying to grab her daughter.

“I was actually stunned. I didn’t respond at all, I was quiet, I wasn’t screaming, I was just shocked,” explained Maria, who said her oldest daughter was the only one with her at the time.

“She’s my first-born and I love her to death. I would do anything, put my life on the line for her and if it
had come to it at that moment and I had to take a bullet for her,” said Maria.

After the men couldn’t open the locked doors, they got back in the black Nissan Pathfinder and took off. Maria said that’s when she got a picture.

“I was just hoping to get the message out because women are always by themselves with their children. I want to make sure that people are aware,” explained Maria.

She posted the pictures on Facebook and also filed a police report. Maria describes the suspects as Hispanic. One had curly hair and was last seen wearing a black shirt and jeans.

“Just be safe. Make sure you guys are watching out, even at a stoplight you think you’re safe at your car, lock your doors, keep your kids close and be vigilant,” advised Maria.