Fantastic Joe's brings shoeshine excellence to Houston Rodeo

HOUSTON – A boot shine with Fantastic Joe’s inside NRG Center is a must at the Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo.

Cowboys and cowgirls get the shine and experience for only $8.

“Ain’t no shine like mine's, I can guarantee you that. If you take a look at this man’s boots, they speak for themselves,” said Tyrone Doze

, who has been in the shoeshine business for 42 years.

“I’m gonna say I’m one of the best that you’ll ever see,” he said.

He started as a boy. His uncle showed him the ropes and in four decades, Doze has perfected his own skill.

“My technique is I rub the conditioner in the boot bare-handed,” said Doze. “You see the leather just picks up, now look at that gloss, it’s already there before I start to put the polish on.”

He brings his experience to the rodeo every year.

“They said, ‘Let me see what you got.’ I showed them what I had, and I’ve been on this corner for 12 years,” he said.

He has rubbed the boots of some of the most famous.

“I’ve done Gladys Knight since I’ve been here. I’ve done Aretha Franklin,” said Doze. “I’ve done Willie Nelson five times.”

Born and raised in Houston, for three weeks there’s no where else Doze would rather be than making cowboys shinier, one boot at a time.

“I love the rodeo, I love the atmosphere, the people, it shows Houston,” he said.

The boot shine is $8, before tip.

Nelson once tipped Doze $100.