What are the big, white domes near Katy?

HARRIS COUNTY, Texas – A lot of people reached out, wondering what the domed buildings near Katy are, so we decided to find out.

We've seen guesses about what the buildings are, from wind-proof buildings to house emergency vehicles during the next big hurricane, to excavation sites for fossils.

Many people said they attempted to drive up to the domes, but were turned away by heavily armed guards who were mum on why the domes were being erected.

So, what are they?

The land on Franz Road is owned by Saudi Basic Industries Corp.

SABIC is a petrochemical manufacturer and is in the process of relocating its U.S. headquarters from Pittsfield, Massachusetts, to Houston.

WATCH: Dome buildings near Katy

The company is preparing the land in question for a business event.

The company has spent the last couple of months clearing debris and increasing security.

The dome-like structures were erected to provide a venue for the upcoming event. They are expected to be up for about a month, the company said.

Here is a statement from the company:

"The Houston area is home to SABIC's Americas Region Head Office as well as research and innovation centers, including land we own on Franz Road. Site preparation is underway for a SABIC business event to take place in mid- to late March on the land. In recent months, we have taken steps to clear debris from the site and increase security. We have recently erected some temporary dome-like structures to create a venue for the upcoming event, and expect to keep them up for about a month."