Hardworking mother of 3 earns Habitat home

HOUSTON – The first nails went in KPRC and Gallery Furniture's 2018 Habit Home in January. Now, just a couple months later, the house is nearing completion.

We had a few people on hand to let one hardworking woman know her family will soon be moving in.

The Habitat family thought they were just doing some paperwork when they received the news.

“For this we had to bring in a special VIP guest, Mattress Mack. You ready?” Rachel McNeil said.  

“That's right, that Habitat for Humanity paperwork doer is now going to get a new Habitat for Humanity home.  Let's do it,” Mattress Mack said.

As Linda Sanchez and her sons settled in to fill out some forms, they turned around and answered a few questions for what they thought was a Habitat promotional video.

“Congratulations!” McNeil said.

Linda, along with her sons Jaelin and Aiden by her side, learned they had earned their very own home.

“Linda, were you surprised?” asked Owen Conflenti.

“Yes, I was. I really thought it was going to be something different (laughs) but yes, it's so good to have your support,” Linda said.

“Thank you. We're going to give you some furniture too,” Mack said. 

Linda started to cry tears of joy because of how much support she has received. 

“Oh my goodness, don't tell me that right now. It's just so good to have so much support, so much help, so much love, and with my two boys, we just keep, just keep pulling forward.  We're doing it,” she said.

Six-year-old Aiden, who was caught hiding under the table, will soon be able to hide out in his own room - instead of sharing a room with his mom.

And oldest son, Jaelin, helped make it a reality by building alongside his mom and the Houston Habitat for Humanity team.

“It's a huge blessing. This has been her goal her whole life,” Jaelin said.

It was a difficult goal reached by one determined mom.

“I kept thinking this is going to be a little hard, but you know what? Hard work pays off.  I will give it my all and I will accomplish everything,” Linda said.

“Congratulations Linda, hard work does pay off,” Mack said.

As required of all Habitat homeowners, Linda will pay a mortgage on her new home. She’s undergone classes to learn about home maintenance and she's completing 300 hours of sweat equity.

Congratulations to Linda, her sons, and her 21-year-old daughter who wasn't able to be there the day of the surprise.

We wish them all the best as we prepare for a special dedication ceremony of their new Habitat home in April.

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