Spencer Solves It: Single mother struggles to make ends meet

HOUSTON – Watching Shawna Majors and her 12-year-old daughter Avery working on homework together, you’d never know that anything was wrong.

But on the inside, Shawna is brokenhearted and has been suffering emotionally over the past three months.

“I lost my best friend. We were a family,” Majors said.

On Thanksgiving, Majors' marriage to her husband of 15 years fell apart.

Since then, she and her daughter have had no way to pay the bills.

Majors was only recently able to find a job and her bank account has been drained.

Majors' No. 1 priority has been to keep a roof over her daughter’s head, but just weeks ago, she and her daughter were evicted from their Katy apartment.

“So, it’s been scary. It’s been difficult. And I’ve been scrambling to do everything I can do to make sure she’s OK,” Majors said.

Devastated by the breakup of her marriage, Majors is now working part time and she and Avery are living in a makeshift apartment provided by close friends.

But what Majors has really needed is a lawyer to help her file for divorce and for child support.

“I need legal assistance so that I can start taking the steps so I can get the child support enforced and be able to put this all behind us,” she said.

So Shawna called Spencer Solves It.

And right away, we went to work trying to find her a good attorney, experienced in family law.

Luckily, we found Rebecca Rowland, an attorney and single mother herself, raising three sons on her own.

She is willing to take Shawna’s case absolutely free.

“The most important thing for (Majors) is she needs to get that child support,” Rowland said.

In addition to the free legal representation we are giving Majors, a member of Bill’s Brigade, Randy Hartley, an incredibly generous man, is giving Majors a check for $1,000 to help jump-start her new life and help pay some of her bills in the future.

Majors is absolutely stunned and Hartley is beaming.

“I just feel so blessed and honored to be able to help her and her family out,” Hartley said, smiling.

Now Majors and her daughter can move forward and begin an entirely new chapter in their lives.

“I’m just so grateful to you for helping us like this Mr. Spencer. Without this, I don’t know where she and I would be tonight,” Majors said.