MD Anderson Cancer Center passes out free sunscreen at Astros spring training

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. – Clear skies, a lot of sun and warm conditions make the atmosphere perfect for baseball, but it can also be a problem for people’s skin.

MD Anderson Cancer Center arrived at The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches to offer free skin cancer screenings and pass out sunscreen.

“Look at it out here it’s perfect, it’s hot, it’s sunny, the public out here is excited to be out here and we wanted to bring our message of ending cancer and protect everyone out here from getting skin cancer,” said Adrienne Sayward, a marketing sponsorship manager at MD Anderson.

During the fifth inning, they’ll have a “sunscreen check” and Astros pitcher Collin McHugh will show up on the big screen reminding fans to check themselves and to reapply sunscreen.

“We’re out here educating the public about ways they can reduce the risks of getting cancer and one way to do that is to stay safe in the sun,” explained Sayward.

Not only can fans get free sun screen, sunglasses and lip balm with block, they can get free skin cancer screenings.

“We’re out here to raise awareness for skin cancer and we would like to provide the public with free skin cancer screenings, so if anyone has any concerns

they can come by our booth and we will be happy to look at any lesion they may be worried about and check it out there,” said Susan Chon, M.D., associate professor, dermatology, MD Anderson.

The medical group will be at The Ballpark of the Palm Beaches Thursday March 1 through Saturday March 3.

“I think especially on these outdoor events, just really try and give yourself a break, come stand under the MD Anderson shade for a while and, you know, wear a hat and create some shade for yourself,” said Chon.

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She also said it’s important for people to check their skin at home too and pay attention to any moles, itchy or scaly skin.

“A lot of times patients come to us and actually they didn’t find anything it was their hair dresser their masseuses, it was their best friend -- so kind of help each other out,” said Chon.

The tent is located near the team store on the West side of the ball park.

Fans can also sign MD Anderson’s “Strike Through Cancer Wall” which is to support their mission to end cancer.