Couples invited to bring AR-15s to church service

WAYNE COUNTY, Pa. – A church in Pennsylvania filled up with people Wednesday morning as a blessing of couples took place in which the couples were invited to bring their AR15 rifles.

The ceremony was hosted by Pennsylvania-Based Religious group World Peace and Unification Sanctuary in Newfoundland and believes the AR-15 symbolizes the "rod of iron" in the biblical book of Revelation, and it is encouraging couples to bring the weapons to the ceremony.

The AR-15 is the gun used in the Florida high school massacre.

Sanctuary Church is a breakaway faction of the Unification Church, which often is described as a cult.

The Unification Church says it doesn't condone the Pennsylvania event.The ceremony which has caused a lot of controversy in the area, prompting an elementary school, Wallenpaupack South, right down the street to bus their students to the north campus location for the day.

Besides firearms, another symbol important to the Sanctuary Church blessing is the crown. Many people were wearing crowns and some crows were even made out of bullets.

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