Up close, personal look at EAGL Technology's wireless gunshot detection system

HOUSTON – It's a scenario no one wants to imagine being a part of, but dozens of security teams from local school districts and churches, and even Houston police officers, were on hand for an up close and personal look at EAGL Technology's wireless gunshot detection system.

"Upon the shot, the doors are going to lock," Charles Andrews said.

The company said the program will significantly reduce response time from minutes to seconds and provide critical information quickly.

"All of this combined, you're gonna have all this data to make intelligent decisions about what to do next. Right now, there's nothing," Andrews said.

"In this day and time, you have to be open to learning new tech and new ways of protecting your people," Nate Finn, 

the director of security for Houston's First Baptist Church, said.

"If somebody were to sneak into the facility undetected, these types of systems would definitely cut down on the response time, notify us a lot quicker and, hopefully, more lives will be saved," Finn said.

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