Abbott orders review of safety plan compliance at Texas colleges


AUSTIN, Texas – Texas Gov. Greg Abbott on Wednesday ordered a review of the safety plan compliance of colleges in the state.

The letter sent to Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board Commissioner Raymund Paredes orders measures similar to the ones he ordered the Texas Education Agency to carry out last week for schools in the state.

First, the Republican governor said he wants all available information about safety on college campuses collected by the Texas School Safety Center to be distributed to higher education institutions in the state.

Abbott also ordered Paredes to make sure all public junior college districts are in compliance with required school safety audits and emergency operations plans. Schools that fail will be given 45 days to comply. Schools that don't comply will be included in a list that will be published via a press release from the THECB.

The governor also told Paredes to make sure all public junior college districts are making progress toward completion of their safety audits, which are due Sept. 15.

Paredes was also ordered to work with the governor’s office and other safety agencies to make recommendations to the Texas Legislature regarding safety policy changes.

Abbott's full letter to Paredes can be seen at gov.texas.gov.

The letter comes two weeks after 17 people were killed in the Valentine's Day massacre at a Parkland, Florida, school.

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