Have you spotted this new decor trend?

My trendy, girly new obsession


HOUSTON – I’m pretty sure this is a girl thing…but I’m going to run it by y’all first. Have you been seeing those adorable message boards everywhere? My social media feeds have been full of them lately. I’m not complaining, because they make me really happy. 

Let me explain. They are little square or rectangle boards, and you stick letters on them to form cute messages. Some are made of felt material. Others I have seen are actual light boards that light up and illuminate your message. I've seen them called light boxes or cinema boxes.

Still with me?

I have mainly seen them on Instagram posted by fashion bloggers. But I’ve also seen major retailers use them in advertisements. 

So imagine my surprise when I spotted one at my best friend’s house a few weeks ago. My boyfriend and I were visiting her home out-of-state. When settled into her guest room, we were welcomed by a sweet message board that said: “Michael & Erica, no pressure.” (I think that was a not-so-subtle hint to my boyfriend about our future - but that’s not what this story is about).

That visit to my BFF’s house sealed the deal... I had to get one of these message boards for myself. So the search began.

It was actually pretty easy to find some options. I found an adorable pink one (my favorite color) for my apartment. And I bought a gray one for a friend. There are so many colors and types out there. 

Here are the places I have seen the boards:

Alaina Kaz


Matthew J. West

Lauren Ashley Patao

Two Ruff Bullys

Two Ruff Bullys

Like to know.it

Like to know.it

Here are the sites that popped up when I searched for places to buy them:




Urban Outfitters

Amazon, again

Target, again

So if this makes you happy, you’re welcome. 

And yeah, I think it IS a girl thing.