Woman blames AT&T contractor for sewage in her home

SPRING, Texas – “The bathtub was a third of the way filled with sewage.”

Jennifer Tremblay said she never imagined that AT&T’s massive project to speed up its internet service would cause her so much heartache.

“For a single mom, it's a lot to handle. It’s overwhelming,” Tremblay said.

Wednesday night, Tremblay said she walked into her bedroom and discovered sewage and water everywhere.

“It has seeped through into my closet,” Tremblay said.

Contractors were installing fiber lines underground in her backyard and busted a sewer line, causing sewage to back up into her house.

She said they didn’t mark for the lines. State law says all the contractors are required to do is dial 811, then it’s up to the utility company to mark the underground lines before they start digging.

KPRC checked and found that cities and municipalities are exempt and don’t have to mark underground lines.

At least two contractors told KPRC the workload is so high right now that the companies contracted to mark the lines can’t even keep up with the demand.

Tremblay filed a claim with AT&T and said she was told since the work was contracted by a separate company, they weren’t responsible for the damage and closed her claim.

“They are the ones hiring them to come. They are laying the lines for them and they are blaming it on the people who dug. It’s their technology. It’s their fiber optic lines that are coming through our yards,” Tremblay said.

Tremblay called the contractor and said he intends to cover the damage costs through the company’s insurance.

Here is a statement from AT&T on the matter:

"As we work to upgrade our network in the Spring area, our goal is to minimize the effect on residents as much as possible. The sewer line is repaired and our contractor’s insurance company is onsite. Our work in the area was completed in January and we’re investigating what happened."

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