The post that might get JJ Watt in trouble with his girlfriend

See what he wrote in a Snapchat post


HOUSTON – Ladies...does your boyfriend or husband ever post something on social media that makes you wonder "what was he thinking?!?"

That may have been the reaction of Kealia Ohai, JJ Watt's girlfriend, after what he put on Snapchat Thursday night.

The post shows a shirt with the words "cute but psycho" on it. 

On top of the photo, Watt wrote: @kealiamae shirt... #ACCURATE

It appears Ohai was wearing the shirt, so yeah, she knew what it said... but yikes!

Okay, so maybe JJ didn't get into too much trouble. If you follow both Watt and Ohai on social media, you know they are constantly ribbing each other. It's actually quite adorable. 

My favorite thing: Watt is constantly tricking Ohai into thinking he's taking a picture of her, but it's actually video. 

She's a good sport about it. (She's a star soccer player for the Houston Dash, so of course she's a good sport!)

Keep the fun, flirty posts coming, y'all. Your fans are highly entertained #CoupleGoals