Love in the air at Minute Maid Park: Couple left with more than just love for Astros baseball

HOUSTON – Many Astros share a love for the team, but last season, Cupid showed up to Minute Maid Park, leaving fans with more than just a love for baseball. 

“Our first date was an Astros game,” said newlywed Lori Tolopka, laughing. 

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She and her now-husband, Wes, are preparing for West Palm Beach, Florida, where they’ll attend their first spring training.

“I bought my husband a bathing suit because why not? We’re going to be in Florida, he needs a bathing suit and it’s got to be the Astros,” said Lori as she looked at all the shirts, magazines, jerseys, caps and bags they’re taking to Florida. 

The couple met each other through their middle-school daughters who are good friends, but they soon learned they equally shared a passion for baseball. 

“It was pretty much love at first sight,” Tolopka said. “I didn't know if that existed, but it was like a fairy tale.” 

“She’s just, she’s great, she’s great with my kids, I love everything about her,” said Wes about his new wife. “I knew pretty quick, so then I decided to propose at Minute Maid Park because we both love baseball.” 

On July 1, 2017, Wes hit a home run, got down on one knee and proposed to Lori right on home plate during a stadium tour. 

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“I wanted to cry, scream,” said Lori in excitement. “I had been married before and no one had ever gotten down on their knee and especially to do it at Minute Maid on the field it was amazing, it was special something that I’ll never forget, that my kids even still talk about because they think it’s so cool too.”

“Yep, I gave her a diamond on the diamond,” said Wes. 

The couple married in September and became a blended family of seven kids. 

The Astros' post season became their honeymoon as they traveled to New York to watch the Astros play and attended the World Series. 

Although they were in Los Angeles, and could have attended Game 7 of the World Series, they decided to watch the historic game from their hotel lobby.

“My brother said don’t go, don’t even think about it. Game 4 we lost and Game 6 we lost,” Wes said.

The couple thought the team was losing because of them during the World Series, so they opted not to witness the magical win in person. 

“Literally the field from our hotel was what, 2 miles, you could see it from our hotel room, but we were superstitious and look, they won, so we were like OK!” Lori said. 

Now the Tolopka’s are focusing on spring training and are gearing up for a new experience together. 

“We’re going to go to spring training and try to meet some players and get some autographs and show our support,” Wes said. 

“We love the Astros, we love baseball. We’re still going to keep doing what we’re doing and I think it brings us closer in our relationship too,” Lori said. 

The couple said another interesting fact was between the time they got engaged to the end of the season, they both caught the most balls from players than they ever had in their life. 

“Get engaged, married and win the World Series, it was like it was all meant to be,” Lori said.