KIPP co-founder Mike Feinberg terminated in wake of sexual harassment allegations

Feinberg says allegations are false

HOUSTON – KIPP Houston Public Schools announced Thursday that its co-founder, Mike Feinberg, has been terminated as a result of findings from an investigation into allegations into misconduct, the school said in a news release posted to its website.

He would not come to the door at his home in Spring when Channel 2 knocked, but he is answering to the allegations of sexual misconduct.

"The investigation was triggered last spring by an allegation of sexual abuse of a student by Mr. Feinberg in the late 1990s. The alleged conduct had not previously been reported to KIPP or the
authorities," the school said its statement.

File: Message from KIPP 2.22.18

The school hired a third-party investigative firm to look into the allegations. The school said no investigation could conclusively confirm the initial allegation, the release said.

The firm "presented evidence of sexual harassment by Mr. Feinberg involving an adult KIPP alumna who was employed by KIPP Houston in 2004, which led to a financial settlement at the time."

Still, though the events were said to said to have taken place two decades ago, investigators found the allegation to have credibility, according to the release. Feinberg denies this allegation.

The board urged anyone who knows of any allegations of sexual misconduct at any time to come forward.

Feinberg on Friday released the following statement about the allegations:

"I am disappointed by the allegations described today and by the actions taken against me by the KIPP Board. I do not condone, nor have I ever condoned, or engaged in, misconduct of this kind. These allegations were thoroughly investigated by non-biased third parties who found no wrongdoing, and the action of the KIPP Board is very disheartening. My focus has always been to further the critical mission of KIPP, assist other schools in getting better, help all families succeed in life, and to support the advancements of our community. I remain committed to everyone we serve and will continue to serve."

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