Elementary school student caught with loaded gun on campus, district says


HOUSTON – An elementary school student was caught with a loaded gun at school Thursday, according to Alief ISD.

The district said the boy brought the gun in a backpack and showed other students in class.

The boy did not pull the gun out of the bag, according to the district.

Margaret Collins Elementary School parent Camilo Penso said it happened inside his 9-year-old son’s gym class.

His son, who is in third grade along with the student who brought the weapon to school, saw and touched the .45-caliber gun, according to Penso.

Another student notified authorities.

“The main concern was there was a gun in the school,” said the concerned parent. “No one knew about it.”

Penso said the school failed to notify parents about the incident through text, email or letter. He said his wife was the one who called and told him that their son could have been in danger. His family is thankful none of the children were injured.

“We’re crying as parents,” he said. “We’re emotionally touched by what’s going on in the recent days with the shooting in Florida.”

The third-grade parent said he was unhappy to learn the Alief ISD took his son’s statement about the incident without his or his wife’s permission. Penso also said there was conflicting information from the school on whether the incident happened around 9 a.m or around 2 p.m.

Penso also said the school police officer lacked sensitivity, engaging in a heated exchange which was recorded on cell phone video.

The boy who brought the gun was removed from the classroom, will face discipline and will not be allowed back on campus.