Carlos Correa's dog getting into trouble at spring training

Groot is 'posting' his wild antics on his Instagram page

(Instagram | @grootcorrea)

WEST PALM BEACH, Florida – When one of your owners is a World Series champion and the other is a former Miss Texas USA, you get to cause a little trouble.

Groot Correa is a dog, who is doing just that, but, he is super adorable, so it's okay.

Astros star Carlos Correa and his fiancée Daniella Rodriguez took their dog with them to West Palm Beach, Florida for Astros spring training, and if you follow Groot on Instagram (yes, he has his own page) you know he's been acting out a little (in the cutest way possible). 

The most recent post shows Groot looking sheepish after ripping the stuffing out of something (we're not sure what). The picture shows the pup cuddled up to a dog toy with "stuffing" just a few feet away. The caption says: "So what had happen was.... #Oops"

In the post before that, Groot appeared to be well-behaved, but he was looking quite mischievous. The caption implied that he is single and ready to mingle: "Back in Florida! Where the ladies at?"

And this post wasn't even in Florida, but we think it proves Groot was planning to have a wild time at spring training well before he left Houston with his owners. The photo shows a chewed-up baseball (yes, a baseball!), and his unapologetic face says he does not feel bad about it. The caption: "Goodbye to another baseball."

Groot, your parents are stars, and so are you. You deserve to act like a diva sometimes. We love you even more for it. Just don't go destroying any hotel rooms.