Man shot 8 times during home invasion begs for armed trio to be caught

HOUSTON – "I got one right here by the neck, and one right here by shoulder, and one right here…"

Silvester Lozano can chart the wounds on his body like points on a map. 

He was shot eight times last April when three armed robbers forced their way into his house. 

WATCH: Surveillance video of violent home invasion

“Everything happened so fast when this guy walked through my door, and this guy jumped me, that’s when they like ... everything went bad, ” Lozano said. 

Fearing for his family, he tried to disarm one of the men. His home security camera recorded the struggle as the suspect unloaded his .45 caliber pistol into Lozano, finally firing the last shot into his Lozano’s head at point blank range. 

Miraculously, Lozano was able to struggle to his feet and run for help. 

As he waited for an ambulance, he didn’t expect to survive. He thought of his family. Reliving that moment, he fought back tears telling Channel 2 news he never thought he would survive to see his family again. 

“I was afraid. My granddaughter only 3-years-old.”

The robbers fled in confusion, only getting away with his wife’s purse. 

But a few hours later, a couple accompanying a small child walked into the a bed bath and beyond store at Willowbrook Mall and used one of her stolen credit cards to make a purchase. 

That was 10 months ago.  

Police haven’t been able to identify any of the suspects.

They’re hoping the video of these suspects, and the attack, never seen before, will lead to them.

“We’re trying to jump start this case and trying to get somebody to notice who these other people are involved in this case," said Jeff Brieden with the Houston Police Department's Robbery Division. 

Lozano spent 10 days in the hospital.

Part of his face had to be rebuilt and he lost some of his hearing. 

Now back with his family, he wants to help find the men who left him for dead.