Uber limits number of hours drivers can work

National Sleep Foundation survey cited for drowsy driving finding


HOUSTON – Uber is limiting the number of hours drivers can work behind the wheel for the company. 

A release on the company’s website says a new feature it is launching across the country prompts drivers to go offline for six straight hours after a total of 12 hours of driving time.

Uber says it’s to limit drowsy driving after a National Sleep Foundation survey report that said nearly 7 million people admitted to dozing off behind the wheel within the same two weeks.

Here’s how it works:

•    The feature will count driving time. 
•    The feature provides periodic notifications when approaching the 12-hour driving time limit and then automatically goes offline for six straight hours when the max has been reached.
•    After the six hours, driving time resets and drivers can go online again to receive trip requests.
•    Uber notes that different driving time limits may apply in some cities due to local regulations. For more information about your location, go here.

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