Server fired for complaining on social media after mega church failed to tip on $735 takeout bill

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PALM BEACH COUNTY, Fla. – A social media post about a Florida mega church led to the firing of an Outback Steakhouse server after she complained she wasn’t tipped on a $735 takeout bill.

Tamalyn Yoder said she posted on Facebook after the takeout order because she got upset.

“We live off of tips,” she told WPTV. “If we don’t have that then we have nothing.”

WPTV reported Christ Fellowship Church called in the delivery order on Wednesday night and a volunteer who the church contends was unaware about tipping on takeout orders -- picked up the order for a conference. 

A friend of Yoder saw the post and called Christ Fellowship to complain the next day.

Trying to make it right, the church called Outback Thursday to offer a tip to Yoder, but when she showed up to work later that day she was fired. Outback’s policy does not allow social media posts about customers, WPTV reported.

“I feel that we should be allowed to say something especially to big parties that don’t leave anything...they pay the exact amount. I probably would still do it the same way. I wouldn’t change anything,” Yoder said about the post and subsequent firing. 

Christ Fellowship says it never intended for anyone to lose their job and the situation was a “misunderstanding.”

“The church did reach out to me, they are trying to rectify the whole thing. And I thank them,” Tamalyn told WPTV.

Tamalyn is looking for a job as a waitress.